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Five Growing Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Digital marketing has been on the rise and through dynamic changes for a while now. After the pandemic more businesses are depending on digital media to promote their products and reach the customers. Here are a few trends that’s expected to take over 2021.

Artificial Intelligence : AI has been the center of the growing digital trends and it's quickly taking over manual functions . Chat bots, the AI based technology which are already growing in business are said to power 80% of customer services by the end of 2020.

Video marketing : Since before tik tok has taken over in India, video marketing has been a game changer in inbound marketing and it has no plan of slowing down. Since the ease of sharing among multiple platforms has become more, it has been growing at an amazing rate. Making your content can be shortened into a quick, memorable format is the best way to entice customers to your product. SEO of videos has grown more important due to this and this is why SEO service provider has to be chosen carefully.

Social Messaging apps : Since people are spending more time on social media apps, using their messaging services is an effective way to cultivate contact, provide support and assistance to our customers. We can reach the customers where they hangout and send messages to them directly.

Social Media Stories : Everyday the amount of social media users are rising higher and higher. So it's necessary to have a social media promotion strategy in place and the newest trend of social media is their stories. These short stories disappear after a while of time and this makes the customer want to check out for the fear of missing out. The benefits of using stories include increased brand awareness and constant engagement with the audience.

Content Marketing : Since November Google updated a new algorithm it has been indicated that fast speeds, useful links and well-written content is what gets traffic. The best SMO service gets you the kind of content that makes you look credible and trusted. Not only that according to Content Marketing Institute statistics content marketing rakes in conversion rates 6x higher than other methods.